4 Month Update

Four months old!  I can’t believe it.  If it seems like just a few days ago that Riley turned three months old, it’s because her mommy was a slacker on getting the three month post up.  To be fair, I do have a very legitimate excuse.  In order to make the monthly post, I thought I needed the monthly picture.  And, in order to take the picture, I need a white onesie to put the appropriate month sticker on (which are super cute by the way.  Check out this Etsy shop if you want to buy a pack for someone you know who’s having a baby.).  At three months old, Riley had outgrown her white onesies.  It just took me a while to get to Target to replace them. After that huge excuse, I don’t have the “official” 4 month pictures today, but I will post them soon.  David and I had so much fun taking them last time, I want to wait until he’s able to take them with me.  Hopefully tomorrow.   

Here’s a peek at what our little girl is up to: 

…giggling and laughing at various things.  Especially mommy singing to her and moving her    arms and legs.
…rolling and scooting all over the place, especially in the crib. 
…sucking and chomping on her fingers like it’s going out of style.  I’m really hoping that teeth aren’t in our near future. 
…going to bed at 8 o’clock. 
…reaching for toys.
…able to pull the dragon fly hanging above her playmat to make the toy sing. 
…going to people much more easily.  She doesn’t cry when she’s not with me like she used to.
…watching everything.  She’s always checking out what’s going on around her. 
…sleep is better than it was at 3 months but not quite as good as it was at 2. 

It’s amazing how quickly a third of a year has passed.  I can’t believe my little baby has gone from this
Vintage Riley Grace

to this.  
she loves her blanket from Grandmommy

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