4 Month Pictures

It’s only been a little while since Riley’s 4 month update, and already she’s managed to change!  In the past week and a half she’s started looking when you call her name, grabbing a toy that’s held out to her (on purpose), interlocking her fingers, and rolling across a room to get where she wants to go.

And again, if you're interested in the month stickers to put on onesies each month, they're available at this Etsy shop.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, I think I found you from Kevin & Amanda's blog? I'm always looking for Christian mom blogs to follow. Isn't Riley sweet? Awww...just thought I'd stop by and say hello! :)

Beth said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! It is funny how we end up on people's blogs and don't really know for sure how, but I'm glad you landed on mine. And your little girl is just adorable! It was very nice to "meet" you!

Cecelia Perkinson said...

sweet :) the third look must be David lol

Ramblings Regarding Riley said...

Hi Lauren,

I'm Deanna Campbell and have a 2 year old Riley Grace that we just recently adopted from China. Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog. Your Riley Grace is precious and you have her life so well-documented. I am very behind on our blog. It's been 2 months since my last post due to life with a 2 year old! You have motivated me to pick it back up and start posting again. I pray that you continue to enjoy every day with your sweet Riley! I certainly enjoyed reading your story.

Annie said...

Hi Miss Lauren. It is Annie.
I love the smiles Riley.
I also like the stickers.
Love you Riley.